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1. Qualifications:

AGR - agricultural sciences CIV - civil engineering ECO - economics
ENV - environmental sciences HUM - human science/ communication JUR - juridical/administrative
LAW - land and water engineering PHE - public health EDU - education

2. Regional field experience:

Southern Africa Central Africa East Africa Northern Africa
West Africa Middle East Central Asia South-Asia
South-east Asia Pacific Caribbean Central America
South America North America Eastern Europe former Soviet Union
EU/Western Europe Australia/New Zealand

3. Language:


4. Professional experiences:

1 Rural development and food security
1.1 agricultural/livestock/fishery production
1.2 nutrition / food storage / food security
1.3 agricultural support services
1.4 agro-economics / agribusiness
1.5 user organisations/participatory
2 Infrastructure
2.1 transport and infrastructure planning
2.2 public utilities planning/reform
2.3 irrigation and drainage engineering
2.4 drinking water and sanitation
2.5 waste disposal and water treatment
3 Environment and natural resources man.
3.1 land-use planning / watershed man.
3.2 soil and water conservation
3.3 communicty/social forestry
3.4 bio-diversity / wildlife / eco-tourism
3.5 environmental impact assessment
4 Human dev. and good governance
4.1 education and vocational training
4.2 public and reproductive health
4.3 social infrastructure and social security
4.4 democratisation and accountability
4.5 decentralisation and local government
4.6 non-governmental organisations
5 Economic development.
5.1 economic and financial analysis
5.2 local development planning
5.3 small and medium enterprises
5.4 microfinance, saving and credit systems
5.5 poverty allevation
6 Relief and rehabilitation
6.1 infrastructure and housing
6.2 nutrition and health
6.3 agriculture and income generation
6.4 logistics and disaster preparedness
6.5 human rights and peace building

     Cross-cutting qualifications
7.1 project identification/formulation
7.2 project planning and management
7.3 monitoring and evaluation
7.4 sector policy and strategy development
7.5 institutional and organisational development
7.6 gender development and strategies
7.7 capacity building and training
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